Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Cemetery District Commissioner's Letter


Fellow Islanders,

As a commissioner for Edens Cemetery, I would like to share some news and appreciation from the Cemetery Committee.

We recently appointed Blaine Detering to fill a vacant position on the three person committee. Currently, we have Daniel Burnett, Blain, and myself on the committee with Angie Veal as our secretary.

I would like to thank our previous Commissioners and Secretary for their dedication to our island. Those great neighbors include: Donna Davis, Fred Seaver, Dixon Elder, Gerald Bosworth and Kristen Nicolls.  Many talents were brought to the commission, and all those contributions are greatly appreciated.  In fact, every past commissioner deserves thanks for their help and service.

As I walk the cemetery, I am reminded of friends and names from my childhood on Guemes. My role as a commissioner is to preserve and honor those names. Thank you Guemes.


Adam Veal
Cemetery District Commissioner