Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Guemes Island Cemetery Rules and Instructions for the Secretary

General Rules

1. Make out salary request on blue Skagit County Junior Payroll Voucher, have it signed by two commissioners and yourself. Mail it to the Skagit County Auditor (hereafter SCA) so that they receive it before the 15th of the month.

2. For small purchases, pay by personal check, attach the bill to a Payment Voucher Request and send it to the SCA. Ace hardware will allow you to charge direct to the SCA. Get receipt from them and send it on a Payment Voucher Request.

3. You will receive monthly treasurer reports about the 10th of each month. Prepare a report of these figures to present to the commissioners at the monthly meeting.

4. Keep records of the monthly meetings Submit these minutes to the commissioners and post at the landing.

5. The undertakers will call to give you the name of the deceased and the time of the burial. Check the index for the site location. Usually the undertaker is Evans Funeral Home.
6. With one or more commissioners, mark off the gravesite.

7. The undertaker is responsible to make all the arrangements to have the grave dug, the liner installed, the casket lowered and the grave filled.

8. Usually it takes several weeks or more for the headstone to arrive. The grave site may have to be re-measured to assure proper placement of the headstone.

9. Sometimes the undertaker sets the headstone or has someone do it (Dean Townsend?). Occasionally a member of the deceased family or a friend sets the headstone. Be sure they know and follow instructions to correctly place the headstone.

Sale of Lots

1. Prepare a receipt showing names of owners, address, telephone and plot numbers.

2. Mark the purchases on the chart.

3. Make out a deed. The Secretary and the Chairman must sign the deed in the presence of a notary public. Mail the notarized deed to the SCA, P.O. Box 1306, Mount Vernon, WA 98273 Attn: Recording department. and request that the deed be filed and returned to you. A check in the amount of current filing fee charge made out to Skagit County Auditor by the purchaser must accompany the deed.

4. Record the deed number and date mailed to purchaser; mail deed to purchaser with copy of cemetery rules.

5. Go back to the chart and show them which lots are available.

6. Explain the price structure and the rules of the cemetery. (A copy is on the chart side of the blackboard at fire station). Advise purchaser that there is an additional charge (currently $42) for filing a deed with SCA.

7. Endorse the check payable to the Skagit County Cemetery District 3. Mail to Skagit County Treasurer, P.O. Box 518, Mount Vernon, WA 98273-0518. Request receipt mailed to you.

8. Enter the names, plot numbers, and date sold in ledger sheet.

9. Show the map of the cemetery showing available lots. If possible, position the lot purchaser at the Guemes Island Road end of the map looking through the cemetery to the West

10. Walk the buyers through the cemetery if they desire, and get an approximate area they desire.

11. Make an index card for all sales and put in file box. Include whether veteran or not.

12. Arrange to meet with buyers at the cemetery.

13. Ask if they have preference as to location of site (near family or friends, etc).

14. Prepare payment voucher with yourself as the vender (include your address) for any expenses you incur. Be sure to attach receipt and completed reimbursement form to the payment voucher. Must be signed by secretary and two commissioners.

Revison - May 28, 2008

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