Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Schedule Of Applicable Charges And Definitions

Schedule Of Applicable Charges And Definitions [PDF version]

For Skagit County, Guemes Island Cemetery District #3 as of January 1, 2008

Category Definition Charges (See Note)

1. Legal Resident

Owns property and lives permanently on Guemes Island or,

is the major place of residence of. Property owner but whose permanent place of residence is not within the District or,

Their spouse/domestic partner is already buried there.

$50.00 per burial site
$50.00 per cremation site

2. Legal Resident

Legal resident service member or honorably discharged veteran.

$1.00 per burial site
$1.00 per cremation site

3. Next -Of-Kin Property Owner

A.   Spouse or Domestic Partner.

B.  Near blood relatives to a property owner to with:

I. Parents
II. Brothers and Sisters
III. Sons and Daughters

$100.00 per burial site
$100.00 per cremation site

4. Non-Residents Or Non-Property Owners

Any person who does not own property or live within Cemetery District #3., or does not meet the requirements of items #1, #2, or #3 above

$600.00 per burial site
$600.00 per cremation site
Note: Charges do not include County required deed transfer fees.


1. No Grave or Cremation site will be reserved except by sale.

2. A permanent grave marker must be installed flush with the ground at each grave or cremation site. Such markers to be approximately 22 inches by 36 inches and are to be installed within one year of burial date or date of death.

3. Permanent trees, shrubs or other growing plants are not to be planted at either grave or cremation sites.

4. Grave sites are approximately 4 feet by 10 feet and cremation sites are approximately 3 feet by 4 feet

5. No grave markers are to be installed without the express supervision of the Secretary or the Chairman.

6. All Skagit County required property transfer fees will be born by the purchasers of the deed.

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