Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Skagit County Cemetery District 3 Minutes

December 20, 2007

The December meeting was held on December 20, 2007 at Anderson’s Store. In attendance were Chairman Rombeek, Commissioners Michael Jackets, Secretary Robert Easton and commissioner-elect Fred Sievers.

The minutes of the November 2007 meeting which had been prepared by Commissioner Jackets and e-mailed to the Commissioners were approved as corrected. The financial report as of November 30, 2007 was sent via e-mail to the commissioners prior to the meeting and was approved.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Commissioner Jackets and the Secretary will investigate record keeping requirements. Because commissioner Elder is away until March and because Commissioner-elect Sievers will be away in January, there will be no January meeting. Commissioner-elect Sievers advised that he has been sworn in by the Skagit County Auditor.

Commissioner Rombeek, having served the Cemetery District for the last six years was presented with a plaque noting his outstanding service.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Easton

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