Guemes Island Cemetery District:

Administrative Procedures: Requirements for Grave Diggers

1 All contractors must be licensed and bonded and show proof thereof upon request.

2. Digging graves includes opening (digging) graves and closing (filling) after the casket and vault is placed in the grave.

3. Grave sites must be graded and leveled to match adjacent lots. Topsoil shall be added if necessary to provide a smooth surface. Grass seed must be sown on the lot to complete the closing process.

4. Every effort must be taken to prevent damage of any type to adjacent graves. Contractors should use boards or other protective devices to drive machines or trucks on, when digging or transiting to and from the grave site.

5. No material from the digging process may be placed on the ground, including adjacent lots. If necessary, material may be placed on a large tarp or plywood in such a way that no material is on the ground. Excess material may be placed on a designated spot near the western border of the cemetery.

6. If special circumstances are encountered such as cave-ins or large rocks, the contractor must take all necessary steps to prevent damage to adjacent graves or grave sites. If damage cannot be prevented, the contractor must contact a cemetery commissioner or the Commission secretary for permission to proceed and/or for possible special instructions. A list of the commissioners and secretary, with phone numbers, will be provided to the contractor.

7. Work must be done in a timely fashion to conform to the requirements of the funeral director.

Edward Rombeek, Chair
Michael Jackets, Commissioner
Dixon Elder, Commissioner

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Administrative Procedures: Requirements for Gravediggers [76 kb PDF]